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METZ destroyed the stereogum showcase in 20 min. flat

METZ destroyed the stereogum showcase in 20 min. flat

Majical Cloudz @ spin house/easy tiger. Some dramatic stuff for a sunny day

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the real deal

So we’re stepping up to the big leagues with this site. I’m currently in Austin, Texas recording all sorts of wonderful bands playing the music and shooting the “shit”. Also, I’m getting serious about editing and uploading past episodes with regularity.

Stay tuned for:

  • A SXSW Make Out Orgy 
  • Queer Punk vs. Irish Folk
  • Three Generations of Chinese A Capella
  • The Triumphant Return of The Japanese
  • Street Drummers
  • Bleeps and Bloops
  • Baths’ Crush on Anderson Cooper
  • The Coo Coo Birds’ Merry Pranks

Great audio coming your way! In the meantime listen/download/share all the shows we already have up!

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Novelty Daughter + WHY?

Novelty Daughter aka Faith Harding ‘14 has the best voice. It’s mostly sung the blues, but with her new single "American Dreams", she’s bringing it into digital territory. She visited WESU on a blizzardy evening to warm the studios with her steamy voice, and chat about her songwriting inspirations.

WHY? is an underground indie-pop rap group, who doesn’t suck. Their leader Yoni Wolf called in to chat about his latest album, his upcoming plans, and life on the road.


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Let’s Party Hats! Hats Hats!

The link above works now! YAY! Tell all your friends!

Let’s Party Hats! Hats! Hats! were born from a hurricane, and Chris Christie has no plan for recovery. They destroyed the WESU studios back in February, and had the nerve to stay around and talk about it. Don’t play them for your grandma.

You can see them perform online here.

Above is MP3. Click here for more formats.


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O Presidente

"Yeah… we play New-Wop, Bro-Fi, Hyphy, Tropicalia…" - O Presidente

O Presidente are a great new SF Bay Area/Wesleyan band that are makin’ moves for the big times. They’ve seen a bit of a rotating line-up, but lead singer/guitarist Andrew Zingg ‘13 and drummer/whateveryoucanimaginist Tobias Butler ‘13 have remained two constants. The two joined us for a Wild Wild Live session back on November 1st to play some stripped-down (in more ways than one) tunes and chat about the Bay Area, the subtle differences between Portuguese and Spanish, and songs about werewolves. Yes, we did stop and acknowledge how appropriate it was to have a band named “the president” right before that tense election day.

If you’re in the beautiful SF Bay Area this January, don’t miss their show this Wednesday January 9th at Bottom of the Hill. They’re a fun live act and it’s sure to be a fun night. They’ll be releasing their band spanking new album, Clube de Futbol (mixed by Matthew Melton of bay homies Warm Soda)  and word is if you get their early, a free copy of the album might be yours fro the keepin.

O Presidente’s Facebook

O Presidente’s Bandcamp

Our President’s Facebook

Thanks to Reta Gasser and Adam Wechsler for their help with this episode!


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Merry Hanukwanzaamas!

Wild Wild Live brings you a live holiday special like you won’t hear anywhere on commercial radio. Sorry about all the pledge drive pitching… Hopefully you’ll enjoy the fun lovely holiday musics.

Here’s the lineup with links to all the lovely artists’ other work:

  1. Ben Seretan - Home on the Range (Brewster Higley)
  2. Blackbird & The Cherry Tree (Mel Hsu & Jess Best) - Have Yourself A Merry Lil’ Christmas (Judy Garland Cover)
  3. Dunk N’ Donuts - Christmas Song (Krispy Kreme Kover)
  4. Jesse Ross-Silverman - Cold White Christmas (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Cover)
  5. Blackbird & The Cherry Tree - Slow Moon (original)
  6. Blackbird & The Cherry Tree - I’ll Never Regret (original)
  7. The Phonetic Phoenecians (Isaac Silk, Gabe Greenberg & Noah Rush) - Holiday Medley Mashup (all kinds of stuff)

Background music from the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. This show features our new co-host and co-producer Rachie Weisberg ‘15. Thanks to Adam Wechsler for his in-studio help, all the volunteers and interns for their help running the show and answering the phones, and all those who donated to make our pledge drive a success.

Aired first December 7th on WESU Middletown

Also, in other Wesleyan-related holiday news, some great musicians and friends of wild wild live just posted an awesome holiday compilation called Miracle On Thirty-Fork Street. It’s Awesome. Check it out.


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